The Development Crowd website is not fully active and is currently requesting visitors to register their interest.


Development Crowd will provide investment opportunities for individuals and organisations within the UK to invest into construction developments (predominantly residential housing) with relatively small funds by utilising the crowd funding platform.

To illustrate, this is how the process works:

  • Members will use the website to deposit funds to a Development Crowd Fund. The minimum deposit will be £1000.00 and this will be held in a secure solicitor account.
  • When the fund reaches its target value the fund will be closed to new deposits and development land will be purchased.
  • The balance of the fund will be used for all construction costs, professional fees and all other associated fees necessary to carry out the development.
  • Once the development is completed and sold all funds will be allocated and returned to investors.

We plan to allow the following investor participation:

  • Investors will be able to suggest possible development sites.
  • Investors will have the right to vote on development put forward by Development Crowd administrators. At this stage investors will be presented with a feasibility / cost plan which will show an estimated return on investment and time scale for the project.
  • At the completion of the development investors will have the right to vote on whether to put the properties up for sale immediately or to let them until property prices are more favourable.

This website is currently in a ‘register your interest’ only phase and is not yet fully active, to register your interest please - click here.